Lasagna wines

Lasagna, sumptuous dish, convivial and traditionally reserved for special occasions. There are many variations of lasagna, but for me the top is only one: Neapolitan.

Eggs, flour, ricotta, provolone, parmesan, pecorino cheese, oil, beef and pork for meatballs and then the ragù. Authentic with prosciutto or lard, smoked bacon, beef, braciole, garlic and parsley with pine nuts.

Let’s say the few rules for wine to accompany lasagna:

-Strictly red

Important structure ( good tannic structure with a sufficiently strong alcoholic degree to pick up  the fatness of the dish)

Obvious acidity that refreshes the mouth

Long Persistence to accompany the lasagna morsel which, as it were, is persistent as well.

Zeni Vigne Alte Valpolicella Superiore. SAQ # 13897523, $16.55

Fieldberrie fruit with a touch of dry spices and  strawberry sorbet. With aeration in the glass floral notes emerge such as dry petal violets. On the palate, smooth, with soft tannins. Digest,  and easy to drink. It brings to mind a ripasso. Finale bringing to mind dry prunes and cassis jam. Long and silky finale. Terrific buy for under $20.

Lungarotti Rubesco 2014 ( Sangiovese, Colorino). SAQ # 00041947, $19.00

Esoteric flowers with ripe red fruit and red orange nuances. On the palate, it is dry with spicy and lather undertones. Fleshy tannins with a gutsy finale yet in balance. Will be fantastic with a hearty dish of lasagna.

Fanti Brunello-di-Montalcino 2013. SAQ # 11191885, $71.50

Stand out bouquet: Leather, cedar, cigar box and roasted blackberries. Elegant on the palate, classic Brunello expression. For special occasion suppers. Carafe it at least 1 hour before serving it. Buy a few to cellar as well.

Masi Costasera 2013. SAQ # 00317057, $40.85

One of my all time favorite all time Amarones at the SAQ. Bombshell aromas of balsamic condiment, blueberries and dried dates with a hint of cocoa. On the palate, this is a powerful Amarone yet with a graceful underlying balance.