Daniele Iannacito

Nickname: Dan Occupation: Entrepreneur Age: 27 Generation: Second Dad from: Cerreto (Isernia), Molise  Mom from: Sambiase (Catanzaro), Calabria Raised in: Richmond Hill Speaks: English and Italian

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I learned Italian at the Università di Perugia per Stranieri.

How will Italian culture change in Canada over the next 10 years? We may not speak as much Italian as our parents and grandparents.

What do you hope never changes? Our traditions. Our family makes homemade soppressata, homemade hot pepper sauce and pomodoro sauce. It’s a lot of work, and we can easily buy these things from the store, but it never tastes as good—and the memories we share are priceless.

Best thing about being Italian-Canadian: Being able to live in a country with so much opportunity while maintaining the traditions and roots of our Italian parents and grandparents

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Dream big because life is too short to dream small. 

What job would you be terrible at? I’d be a bad travel agent because anytime someone asks me where they should travel, my answer will always be Italy.

What Italian stereotype do you completely live up to? I have a pasta addiction. There is nothing better than a plate of gnocchi al pomodoro daily.

Photography by Stephen Gaitan Makeup by Stefania Migliaio Location: Maranello Alfa Romeo, 200 Auto Park Circle, Vaughan