Wrap your strands this season

by Alessia Sara Domanico

Whether posing for a photoshoot or performing in an iconic Italian flick, Sophia Loren always had a knack for working a headscarf. Other legends from days long gone, including Jackie O and Grace Kelly, also immortalized the trend. Whether it’s worn “nonna style” (over the head, tied at the back) or as a puffed-up turban, the headscarf has plenty of appeal. And it appears it’s bound for a comeback.

Scarves have long been a mainstay in designer collections, yet they rarely get the screen time that other accessories, such as purses and shoes, claim on the runway. It seems a few key fashion houses agreed it was time to put their scarves back on show, rather than hidden in the accessories tab of their website as an afterthought.

When choosing a scarf to wear in your hair, make sure it is large and rectangular; it can always be folded and tucked to a smaller dimension. The great thing about this accessory is there are so many ways to wear it: bandana, puffy bow, turban, twisted front tie and the list goes on.

Pinterest, YouTube and plenty of influencer blogs await you with tutorials on how to get the look in no time at all. Once the scarf has served its purpose, you can take it down and wrap it around your neck, wear it as a shawl or rock it as a sarong at the beach—viva versatility!

Where to start? First, it’s important that we get an education from the grand master: Hermès. The brand is world famous for its scarves that are more works of art than everyday accessories. Many of their scarves are made of 100% silk twill. The twill technique is a diagonal patterned weave, which tends to drape well and is essential for a good headscarf. Hermès collaborates with renowned artists to realize the most fantastic designs and colour schemes the eye can behold.

The next step is to get your inspiration from the Resort 2019 collections. The headscarf was most prolific at Gucci with retro prints, Madonna-esque glitter fabrics with hanging elements and embellished jewel-coloured turbans. Valentino channelled Jackie O with patterns from the maison’s archives, and Versace truly embraced the bold and loud flavour of the headscarf with bright colours and signature black and gold patterns, such as the Medusa and interwoven gold chains. Alexander Wang went for badass biker chick, with straight bands worn across the front of the head (rocked exceptionally well on the catwalk by current “it girl” Kaia Gerber, the daughter and literal reincarnation of Cindy Crawford). Plus-size model Ashley Graham closed the Michael Kors shows in a head scarf that matched her pop-neon, fishy-pattern ensemble, making us swoon for summer and the ’80s.